Dusty Tech


Dusty Tech Plays a formula that consists of Hot Remixes, Burning Man themed music, Local Artists, Underground Artists and Producers, Classics and Originals. Basically, Dope music.  

Why Dusty Tech?

I received it as an alias at Burning Man. I started going around 2000. 

What is with the Maker / Hacker Space Performances and Open Source events?

Well, Often times (When resources allow) DJ Dusty Tech is a multimedia performance project that uses a mixture of Open Source hardware,  software and Copy Left music, to explore how these systems can be integrated into a traditionally closed source, high priced, market. The Dusty Tech project often uses Midi, OSC, Mixxx, Processing Language, Linux, PD, Quneo, Gimp, Inkskape, Arduino and more. This project is always looking for people who are excited to find new ways to collaborate.